Sunday, August 31, 2014

Music: Interview with Matt Newport, talented UK Musician, Artist and Poet

We're starting a new month with a new talented artist, British musician and poet Matt Newport. His talent is versatile, and goes from writing poems to music to performing in theater! Sounds great, right? So let's read on about this great guy!

Matt, please introduce yourself, where are you from and what is your background?

Firstly, thanks for this opportunity. I really appreciate it! My name's Matthew Newport, I'm from the United Kingdom, I write a variety of genres but focus on the pop and musical theatre industry. At the age of 14, I joined a local Amateur Dramatics group, this sparked a huge passion for music and theatre, I continued until 19 and left the group after 5 years. 

Great start for you. When did you start writing poetry and when did you decide to merge poetry and music?

I started writing poetry after I left the group, my poems were deep and meaningful and I surprised myself with my work. I understood poetry itself was a hard career to pursue, therefore I decided to buy a guitar and began teaching myself through books. It felt like the perfect marriage and with a little tweaking the poetry became lyrics and songs were born. 

Matt also paints landscapes
Fascinating, so you have taught yourself how to play the guitar! That's awesome, and very creating. So, having experimented with theater, writing and music, what is your favorite art form and why?

As well as music, another art form I like and frequently use is painting, I paint landscapes and scenic settings. I do have a soft spot for musical theatre. I feel that's where my lyrical writing is most effective. 

You're really all about the arts! What genre do you consider yourself and who is your greatest influence?

I feel it's hard to genre my music, I'd say it's a mix between Ed Sheeran and James Morrison. My greatest influences are Snow Patrol and Coldplay. I write about love and experiences, I feel a lot of people can relate to my songs and lyrics and that's the key: always be sure someone can relate to your music; if not, write the lyrics well enough so that after hearing your song, they feel they can relate to it; words are powerful tools.
I love Coldplay and Snow Patrol too! As a writer, I can relate to what you say about words. And what is your source of inspiration to compose?
I compose anywhere, my source is normally what comes into my head, I'm endlessly writing notes on my iphone and recording melodies I've come up with on the fly. Relationships are a good source of fresh ideas, some of my greatest songs came from a break up, others come from expressing your love towards someone, music is my expression. Haha, I write my girlfriend a song every few weeks because I like to show her and tell her how much she means to me. 
Lucky girlfriend! So we say you're an optimistic/hopeful/romantic guy, right?
I'm optimistic, hopeful and romantic, I love showing affection, I send my girlfriend flowers every couple of months, I love to spoil people, I'd say I'm too generous but I can't help it! Haha, I like to make people happy.
Sounds like you find inspiration everywhere! What do you enjoy the most between the interaction with your fans?
Interaction with my fans? I like to interact, I think that's the main thing, I'm just a guy who loves music just like them, I like to speak to everyone I can, and spend time with them, not just disappearing after a song, you could say building a relationship. 
Matt performed in musical theater
What are you working on right now?
Right now I'm working on two tracks with two different people from the US. I love collaborating, it's the only way you can improve your craft as a musician, learn from others and share your creativity. I'm also writing a musical, but I'll talk about that another time. 
Sounds great! Where can we find you and buy your music, then?
Currently my music is unavailable, I'm working on my album and will release a single very shortly, I'm also busy collaborating, as I mentioned before; best thing someone can do is just follow me on twitter and you'll be the first to know what's happening and when. I am a active twitterer, so if you message me I'll respond.  

Can't wait for your single release. In the meantime, let's follow Matt on twitter! Is there anything else you'd like to share with the readers?
I'd like to say if any of you are reading this, (if you've got this far Thank You!) and are thinking about performing or writing music, don't sit and think about it, get out there and go for it, meet local musicians, get active on twitter and practice your craft, if you play, keep playing any chance you get, if you write, write loads of stuff, it might look silly at first but keep it in a book, you'd be surprised what you can use when you return to it a few months later, don't be afraid to work outside your comfort zone, stay positive and stay creative. 
Thanks for having me, much love!
Great advice, Matt, and thank you so much for taking time out of your busy creative schedule to be our guest! Good luck to you and your music, and when you release your single, please let us know!



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