Thursday, March 26, 2015

Art: Unique Project joins Photography and Writing - KSHM Project

What happens when a talented, inspiring author writes about amazing images taken by an award winning photographer? A unique project is born. The KSHM Project. 

"The KSHM Project is the result of a joint collaborative effort between an award-winning Australian photographer, Karl Strand, and an American author, Henry Martin. Aiming to combine striking visual images with thought-provoking prose, the goal for this project is to create one-of-a-kind tales that delve deep into the human consciousness, while addressing some of the struggles our contemporary society faces. Our work ranges from short vignettes and captions to complete short stories," the artists state about their project.

There are currently four free installments published on all major ebook channels, so you should take advantage of the artists' generosity, and download this beautiful collection of short stories and amazing photographs.

What readers are saying:

"Great story. I don't know what I can even say since it's so short and anything is likely to be a spoiler.  It definitely evokes feelings. Give it a try. It will only take a few minutes. See if it surprised you the way it did me."

"Henry Martin and Karl Strand have teamed up on a unique project. Martin has written several short stories  which are inspired by unique and haunting pictures taken by Strand. I love short stories. I think it's an art to be able to tell a story and elicit strong emotion in the short story format. In order to avoid spoilers, I will say  "Waiting" is the story of a man who waits to spend time with a young girl. The ending packs a punch and is totally unexpected. Martin is wonderful at writing about the dark side of the human condition. This is a story of torment and "Waiting". 

"It's not easy to review this short story associated with a picture without giving spoilers. I'd just say
the words are conducive to the picture, and the author plays with it skillfully, steering the readers into a quite surprising outcome."

This is a unique project, and a great opportunity for you to check out author Henry Martin's thought provoking prose, and enjoy the amazing images of photographer Karl Strand. Enjoy! And don't forget to write a review!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Books: Reviews of New Indie Authors - Discover a new favorite!

Here are some reviews from Indie writers' books, which I enjoyed discovering. Different genres for different tastes, so pick one you like and give it a try, you might find your new favorite author here! And when you do, please don't forget to write a review! All of them are available on Amazon. Thank you for supporting Indie writers! "No two persons ever read the same book." (Edmund Wilson).

Reaching Kendra - Edward M. Wolfe

I just finished reading Reaching Kendra (I prefer Kendra Spirit, which is the name of another edition) and I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad with the ending. But not in a bad way. This story will keep me thinking for a while. It's provocative and creative, and I was not expecting the twist. The premise of the undying love is great and left me wanting more. Wolfe does a great job building the characters and the suspense. The scene with the suicide bomber is vividly descriptive, and wonderfully written. I was drawn to the characters from the very beginning and could feel the emotions, the sadness, the separation. Although Keith sounds selfish at times, you can only wonder what kind of emotions he was going through when faced with the horrible truth about the love of his life, never wanting to let go. A great love story.

The Ringmaster's Gambit - Yannis Karatsioris

It's a circus you won't forget! I loved this second installment of "The Game" series, sequel to "The
book of the Forsaken." The book has a myriad of supernatural characters, skillfully described and each having a specific role to play in the overall plot of this ingenious story. It's one of those books you can't put down, full of adventure, action and mysteries. Thumbs up for Karatsioris for great imagination and story telling! This book was even better than the first and I can't wait to read further into the series.

A Knock on a Door - Christos Kallis

A Knock on a Door is a poetry book in which the poet was able to conjure up a collection of poems that will make you think, and are imbued with deep thoughts, albeit also sprinkled with irony and sarcasm. The words are used in a free verse style that is easy to read, for example: "The black rose kept falling from my hands, I had to sacrifice its beauty to reach that victorious peak" from the poem entitled An Apple. Two of my favorites are A letter to Aeschylus and A Million Dollar Smile - "There amongst the chaos and behind her ribs, A beast sat passively in its lair." Excellent use of figurative language and vivid imagery. Great job, and I will be looking for the next poetry book from Mr. Kallis.

Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life - Carol Ann Kauffman

A very nice, inspiring book, that tells the story of a very strong woman who decides to go along with 
her much wanted pregnancy against all odds. And, expecting the worse, she decides to leave her unborn daughter a recipe for life, a journal with advice to help her understand life and receive the motherly knowledge she would miss. The inclusion of real food recipes was a delicious touch to the story. I'm looking forward to trying the mushroom and spinach fritatta! A moving story full of life advice for everyone.