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Book Blog Tour: New Release: Parched - #dystopian #RPBP

Parched (The Parched Series Book 1)
Available Now!
from author
Andrew C. Branham
The sun has become a 'red giant' and the world is hot and parched. In California, James and Lexie Deforio have three goals: to find food and water, to survive another day, and to protect their two children. When their home is abruptly robbed and burned to the ground, the family is forced to embark on a cross-country journey in search of safety and water.

Facing ruthless bandits, murderers, and some of the most extreme conditions they have ever encountered, they struggle to survive. When James is shot trying to help another family, Lexie and her children set out on a harrowing journey to save him. Finding temporary safety in the abandoned Ohio salt mines deep under Lake Erie, they appear to have found a new home. But, like everything on their journey, not all is as it seems.

Parched - a dystopian thriller by Andrew Branham V4
The sun no longer shone canary yellow. It hadn’t done so for years. Instead, it glared down, obstinate, punishing—beet red, like the garden tomatoes that no longer existed. It stood guard over the desert-dry water taps that had likewise fallen prey to the relentless heat, even in mid-October. Livermore, California had been a town set on rolling hills, swathed in green grass and fragrant orange poppies. Now, each day played out like the one before it: sun, heat, illness, death.

On that particular day, relative calm engulfed them. Only a few trails of smoke rose up in the distance toward the west and the Oakland Hills. Usually it was worse—the smoke was more like the dense cloud of marine fog that used to roll in daily. Now, the arid air, once fresh with coastal mist and the scent of eucalyptus trees mixed with wild lavender and rosemary, smelled like burning hay. The sun’s transition from an earthly asset to man’s most vicious foe had been going on for decades, but you would never have known it. It had caught humanity ill-prepared. Those who once had awaited its daily arrival now despised its very existence.

Scientists had a word for it; scientists had a word for everything. They called it a Red Giant, a star that had exhausted the supply of hydrogen at its core and had switched to thermonuclear fusion. As a result, the Earth found itself baking, its waters evaporating, and humanity’s extinction imminent. No scientist or politician could explain why the sun had made such a drastic transformation; nor did it matter.

In the distance, the sound of a laboring sixteen-wheeler lumbering up the road startled James as he popped up from his sleep. Scanning the room, he breathed out his relief. Everybody’s okay, he thought, checking out their California king bed. For a brief moment, he recalled his dream, in which he had been frolicking with his brother along the beaches of Lake Erie, near where they had grown up. But, instead of laughing, shouting, and swimming in cool waters, he was perspiring. Sweat soaked the bed and stained his shirt and underwear. His mouth felt and dry.

What’s the truck doing here at this hour?

The clanking of the massive tires hitting the potholes brought him back to reality. Rising cautiously, he kicked into the nightstand and let out a yelp, awakening their infant, who began to cry.

“What is it?” his wife asked.

“Nothing. Just the water truck. Go back to sleep.”

His thirteen-year-old son, Silas, was now awake as well and was scanning the room with his eyes. His long blond hair was matted down against his boyish face and, despite his sleep, he still looked extremely fatigued. He was irritated not only at the unrelenting heat and his sister’s cries, but also that he woke up in the same depressing room where they almost always stayed. Sometimes he hoped his life was just a nightmare that he would someday wake up from. Looking around, he saw walls stacked with cardboard boxes, dirty clothing on the floor, and dirt-stained sheets on the bed in which he was lying. The two windows in the room were covered in a thick film of dust and sand. A loaded rifle and handgun were on a box next to the bed.

“Can someone keep her quiet?” Silas grumbled as he looked toward his crying infant sister, Charlotte. “It’s impossible to sleep around here.”

Already dressed, James grabbed his shotgun and several plastic gallon water jugs, which he had strung together with nautical rope, and sprinted down the steps, the jugs thumping with each step. He pushed aside the heavy desk and chair he had used to barricade the door and scrunched down to peek out through a two-inch crack he had opened. He saw the truck that had stopped in the middle of the road. As he struggled to focus, he smelled the burning air and saw the heat waves reflecting off the cracked and buckled asphalt. He made out several residents emerging from their deteriorating town-homes, guns and jugs in hand, walking toward the truck with its distinctive Red Cross logo. The sound of his baby crying and the rustling of his waking family echoed through the empty stairwell.
Andrew Branham is an award winning writer and business executive who lives in Jackson, MI. Over the years, he has received several awards for his editorial columns and op-eds. His memoir, Anything for Amelia, has won multiple honors/awards.

He was born in the culturally rich and diverse town of Lorain,

Ohio. He is married and they have one daughter. Andrew is an avid writer and has contributed articles and op-eds for multiple major newspapers throughout the country. He also writes business articles for many different publications and websites.

Anything for Amelia is his first book and he was inspired to write it due to his extremely difficult adoption that many experts claimed was 'the most difficult adoption in U.S. history'. Andrew found that writing in a journal each day during the adoption helped him to relieve the extreme levels of stress that he was facing. The journal proved to be the key to him writing the memoir. Andrew hopes that his book will help other adoptive families to avoid some of the mistakes that he made. In addition, he is donating a portion of any profits to the foster care system.

He has recently finished his first fiction novel, Parched (available 4/14/16). It is a post-apocalyptic/dystopian novel that is set in a time when the world has nearly run out of water. It follows a family as they attempt to cross the United States in search of food, water and shelter. He was inspired to write this novel while living through the extreme droughts of Northern California.

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“..the relentless pacing of this story, which rarely pauses from the action or relishes in the monotony of life after civilization’s breakdown, keeps the reader engaged throughout. By placing an entire family at the center of his novel, the author makes every challenge feel that much more dangerous. The book concludes with a brief excerpt from a forthcoming sequel, so hopefully readers can expect more adventures in Branham’s fearsome wasteland. A fast-paced post-apocalyptic tale of survival and family.” 
~Kirkus Reviews
“There is a constant urgency and energy in the writing that makes it difficult to put down. The most powerful parts of this story are when the lines of morality begin to blur in the family’s quest for survival. This resilient family always seems to be running away from something, narrowly escaping danger, and eking by to survive – it was exhausting just reading about their life on the run! At its core, Parched is about hope and survival against all odds, and the personal demons we must face when our bodies and minds are pushed to the limit. However, the underlying message is that the bonds of family, morality, and humanity can be bent, but never broken.” 
~Self-Publishing Review.
“The story is taut and inventive and Branham makes some bold narrative choices, the stakes are high and no one is safe. With shifts in perspective each character is made sympathetic and three dimensional. PARCHED sets the stage for a suspenseful saga with well-crafted characters and numerous conflicts yet to be resolved.” ~Indie Reader
“Parched holds several surprises; not the least of which is its ultimate direction. Readers used to the typical linear progression of many apocalyptic reads will find something unique and special in Parched: highly recommended for any who want a powerful thriller with a strong environmental message.” 
~Midwest Book Review—Diane Donovan, Editor/Senior Reviewer

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Books: Interview with talented author Larry D. Shackelford

Today, we're interviewing talented writer Larry D. Shackelford. Read on to find out more about his books and how he became a writer!

Larry, please tell us a little about you. Where are you from and what is your background?

I was raised in southwest Missouri where I received my college degree, but I received my education after I graduated and began working in a maximum-security federal prison.  After spending two years behind bars, I continued my law enforcement career as a criminal investigator, residing and working in eight states and two foreign countries.  I retired from law enforcement after twenty-five years of service and currently reside in Salt Lake City with my wife and cat.  I have continued to work a second career in healthcare.

How interesting! When did you realize you wanted to write and when did you start writing?

I started writing approximately ten years ago, before my retirement.  Over the years, I had met some
memorable people and found myself in some pretty insane situations.  I began writing mostly to entertain myself, and discovered I truly felt a passion to tell stories; I wanted to humanize law enforcement officers and also give victims a voice.  While working in Utah, I met a young woman who inspired the character "Ruth" in The Keresa Headdress.  Like Ruth, this woman was able to leave a polygamous southern Utah community and fulfill her dream of marrying the man of her dreams and basically pursue a normal life that average Americans take for granted.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that writing fiction stories was not only fun, but also therapeutic.  In many respects, writing fiction is very similar to completing a criminal investigation.  You have pieces of a unique puzzle, and you are tasked with putting them together in a fictional story with unlimited possibilities.  But, I believe it is important to be adventurous; not afraid to take chances with the plot and characters, as long as it's believable.

That's a pretty interesting comparison. What genre do you write and what's your target audience?

I mainly write crime, action adventure, science fiction, and romance novels for readers 13 to 90 years of age.  I especially enjoy writing stories with strong female characters, because I believe the fiction market is saturated with male characters depicted as the hero.  I have had the privilege of working with many outstanding female law enforcement officers and professionals.  I really believe that women have a special intuition, and this is an invaluable attribute, especially in law enforcement investigations.  I also believe it is important to have strong, interesting characters of all ages and explore how these characters interact with each other in fast-paced, stressful situations.

How many books have you published?  Do you have a favorite?

I currently have four books published, and my fifth release, The Quincunx Quarantine, is scheduled to be released this summer.  Without question, my favorite manuscript is The Keresa Headdress because it was enjoyable to show readers a different side of law enforcement, and to introduce them to the unique worlds of archaeology, polygamy, and illegal artifact trafficking.  I also enjoyed researching the historical and technical nature of the narrative.  My goals were to accurately reference archeological terms, time periods, and cultural aspects while staying true to the discipline of archaeology and oral traditions.  I was also concerned with showing reverence to the American Indian culture and heritage.  Looting sacred burial sites for financial gain is a systemic problem on public lands, and I wanted to bring this to the attention of the reader.

You're definitely sparking my interest in your character! What is your favorite quote, and who wrote it?

My favorite quote is by Sir Winston S. Churchill:

"Sure am I this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance.  As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us."

This quote is displayed next to my work desk computer.  Seldom has a day gone by that I have not reflected upon his words.  I admire this quote because his poignant words are applicable to the journey of life.  We cannot be successful in this world as individuals; we all need to care for each other and stop competing against each other.  We all win together or we all lose together.

Do you have a favorite author?  Who?  What's your favorite book?  Has this author or book influenced your writing in any way?

I admire authors whose writing inspires a wide range of emotions regardless of the genre or time
period the story is written. For example, I recently finished Mary Anne Yarde's The Du Lac Chronicles and the Novella, The Pitchfork Rebellion. I enjoyed her manuscripts, and many of my co-workers have also read her works. One young woman in my office was so moved by Mary Anne's first novel that she has committed to writing her first novel. The woman stated that Mary Anne's story brought back many fond memories of her youth, friends and family, and she wanted to emulate Mary Anne's passion in her own writing. To me, this example illustrates the epitome of inspirational writing, and my favorite authors will always be those who inspire and move people.

I love the classics and my favorite book will probably always be Moby Dick, by Herman Melville.  I thought the story was incredibly well written and the allegoric references to "good and evil" were very detailed and realistic.  Arguably, "Call me Ishmael" will probably be remembered as one of the most famous opening sentences of any book.

Are you optimistic/hopeful/romantic?

I am a romantic at heart, and I love a great romance story!  What can be more endearing than the hopeless, socially incompetent guy and the homely, lonely gal falling in love and living happily ever after...but of course, not without a substantial amount of controversy before the happy ending?

What are you working on now?

I am one of those stranger-than-normal authors who works on several manuscripts at a time.  I am nearing the completion of another archaeological crime/romance thriller, and an urban science fiction action/adventure.  I have also started on a young adult fantasy inspired by my own personal experience of having a child diagnosed with cancer.
Great, looks like there will be lots of intriguing books coming from you soon! Where can we find more about you and your work?

My books may be found at

Larry, is there anything else you would like to share?

I would be negligent and irresponsible if I did not confess I am one of those authors who is a cat owner, drinks lots of coffee, and sips on bottom-shelf, rotgut bourbon late at night while writing.  Maddie, my faithful cat, is always near me when I am writing.  Maddie rules the castle, but she fell into bad graces during a recent, routine visit to the vet.  Maddie apparently took exception to the thermometer and called the veterinarian evil names before tinkling all over the vet's arm.  The doctor was not impressed with Maddie's shenanigans and she placed a large "A" in Maddie's health record which means "aggressive".  So now, I am not only a crazy cat person, but my loyal writing partner earned the forbidden "Scarlet A"...with pride, I might add!

Thank you for telling us a little bit about your work and your books, and we wish you much success in your literary career!

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Music: Interview with Talented Singer/Musician Kelle Jansky

Singer and musician Kelle Jansky has just debuted her new EP. We caught up with her to find out more about this talented singer and what her plans are. Read on to discover a new talent!
Kelle, introduce yourself - let us know a bit about you and your background.

My name is Kelly O'Connor. I was born and raised in Long Island, NY and now live in Las Vegas, NV. I chose "Kelle Jansky" as my stage name because I've always been interested in everything related to outer space, and I landed on "Jansky" because it's a unit of spectral irradiance and also flows nicely with my nickname "Kel", which I embellished a bit to the spelling of "Kelle".  

That's very creative! When did you start singing?

I started singing around age 12. When I was in elementary school, I developed a severe form of social anxiety and depression- to the point where I couldn't leave my house. My parents decided to enroll me in a performing arts summer camp to see if it would pry me out of my shell. Not only did it rid me of social anxiety, but it developed my passion and propelled me into weekly vocal lessons. 

Amazing! And it propelled you into stardom! Do you also write the lyrics and compose the songs?

Besides "The Sound", which is a The 1975 cover, I wrote all of my
songs. Late at night. Or early in the morning (However you perceive 3 A.M.). I try to write in my most vulnerable state, because although vulnerability is frowned upon, I think it's necessary for an honest song. #NoFilter 
As for the composition of the songs, I created all of the music on my crappy music software, and it was totally re-vamped by my amazing producer, Frank Klepacki.  He turned my sonic vision into a reality. 

You're very talented. And yes, vulnerability brings the best in every artist! What genre do you consider yourself and what's your greatest influence?

What I think is kind of cool about my Sadurn EP is that each song is different in mood and tempo, but all still fit the same vibe. They're all rooted in Pop.

"Short Circuit" is a catchy pop/rock song inspired by bands like No Doubt.
"Anti-Venom" is a mysterious sounding pop song inspired by artists like Halsey and Britney Spears.
"Dopamine" is a ballad- the most honest song I've ever written. I can't even think of an influence for this one because all of it just came straight from the vault of unspoken words in my head.
"Sadurday" is a super catchy pop dance song influenced by artists like Ke$ha.
"The Sound" is a chilled-out cover of the popular jam by The 1975.

They sound great! So, when was the first time you performed live and how did you feel?

I feel more comfortable on stage than I do in my own bedroom. The first time I performed live was at age 12 on the famous boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. There was a live karaoke event, and I got on stage to sing a cover of "Sometimes" by Britney Spears. I can't explain how incredible it felt to capture the attention of a crowd and watch them sing along with me, doubling as a support system and easing my nerves. Even though it wasn't my song they were singing, I knew that someday it would be. 

I love how your dream is real! Is there a specific performance you feel was your best so far? If so, where and why?

One of the performances I enjoyed the most was when I covered "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash on the famous Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. It was my first time performing with a live band, and it was just an awesome collaborative performance with the biggest crowd to date.

It must really be awesome to play live. What do you enjoy the most between your interaction with the fans?

My internet friends! My absolute favorite encounter was at the MGM
Grand in Las Vegas.  A sweet girl ran up to me with tears in her eyes and told me that I'm her role model and that she couldn't believe she was actually meeting me.  My sister captured that moment on video and I watch it often. I've met some other followers in various states, which absolutely blows my mind.  It's one thing seeing a username, but meeting the human behind the screen is something else. There are thousands of them, which is baffling to me, but I try to be as interactive as I can because I owe them everything- they've helped provide me with so many amazing opportunities, including my job. 

What a beautiful story and thanks for sharing! What are your plans for this year?

I plan on touring around Vegas, specifically Downtown. I'm also already in the process of writing songs for my full-length album.  I'm doing a lot this year, and it's all great stuff.

Fantastic! Hope to see you touring all over the country! Where can we find and buy your music?

My Sadurn EP is available for digital purchase on iTunes! 

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

I've always been obsessed with happy music accompanied by sad lyrics. I've always been fascinated with double entendres. I've always been drawn to spacey, ethereal sounds. I hope you listen to my Sadurn EP and realize that you like these things as well.
Thank you for this interview!  
Click on the links below to listen to Kelle performing:

Thank you for your time, Kelle and we wish you success in your career! 
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Book Blog Tour: Come on over to the dark side and play with the fallen angels, The Watchers.

Samyaza is hot, sexy and naughty angel! He's fallen out of grace and is in eternal punishment! He's so tired of being confined and punished. He wants out!
It's available at most online retailers, but here's a few links to get you started with this series.
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The pure exhaustion of eternal punishment as a fallen has left our sexy but naughty angel, Samyaza, desperate for companionship…desperate to be set free and only you hold the key. 

What would you give for one night of unbridled passion? Samyaza gave his life, his freedom…everything. After thousands of years of pain and punishment the fallen one thought he’d seen it all...not even close.

Now evil threatens the world and the Watchers are our only hope. Falling from grace was easy, eternal suffering has become common place, wishing for death an everyday occurrence but when faced with a chance for redemption Samyaza fears he could fail.

His test for heavenly grace comes in the form of a beautiful, confident, modern woman who captures the fallen one heart and soul.

Strength he has. Faith in the God that sentenced him to a life in chains he holds close but all may be lost with just one look from this very special woman.

With his life, his soul and his heart on the line, can Samayza save the world or destroy it?

The Watchers are waiting, wanting…needing you. It’s time to live life on the dark side.

Time is running out. Evil forces threaten the very survival of the human race. Our only hope…The Watchers.

The fate of humanity lies in the hands of these twelve stunningly sexy, sinful fallen angels.

Only destiny knows if they will save us or doom to hell.

Enjoy The Video Trailer For The Angels Of The Fallen.
 Created by best-selling author P.T. Macias
Published on Mar 27, 2016

Angels Of The Fallen, The Watchers

It's Time, Live On The Dark Side 

A Delicious Ride That Consumes And Enslaves . . . .
The Oh So Wickedly Fiery Sexy Worlds of P.T. Macias!

The fate of humanity lies in the hands of these twelve stunningly sexy, sinful fallen angels. 
It’s time to live life on the dark side.
“Ok, Yazy, take off that jacket and walk into the shower stall. The water should be nice and warm. You’ll love it!” 

Samyaza raises his eyebrows, looking at the water spraying from the shower head. He looks at the steam swirling around.


He shrugs his shoulders and the jacket falls off his shoulders and slides down his wounds. He winces and closes his eyes. He takes in a sharp breath.

“What’s wrong?”

Crystal quickly steps around him to look at his back. She gasps, outraged, and her color drains from her face.

“Omg! What did they do to you! Your flesh is totally shredded. How in the world have you been able to tolerate the pain?”

Samyaza clenches his jaw and turns around to look at her. He narrows his eyes and nods.

“Sweet Crystal, I’ll be much better as soon as I eat a meal. I would heal quicker if I have more blood.”

He watches her closely, watching her pale complexion.

“Yazy, are you serious! Look at your back!”

She points to the mirror, frowning, and turns him around.

Samyaza turns around and looks into the large bathroom mirror.

He frowns, and nods. He closes his eyes.

Yes, that’s what flogging does to you but I’ll be ok. I understand why she’s so upset. I need to convince her that I’m going to be ok.

He opens his eyes and gazes into her eyes. He raises both hands and rests them on her trembling shoulders.

“Sweet Crystal, please believe in what I’m going to tell you. Remember that I’m an angel. Well, a fallen angel, and most important immortal. That means that I usually regenerate but I was without sustenance for such a long time that my energy is depleted. I need nourishment or blood to boost my energy. My body will regenerate soon as I have the power that I need.”
He looks deeply into her beautiful hazel eyes, reaching her soul.

She blinks rapidly and her tears fall down her face. She shakes her head, trying to understand what he told her.

“Yazy, I don’t understand how someone could hurt you so. It’s too painful to see. I hurt for you.”

Her tears continue to fall down her face and he pulls her into his arms.
“My sweet Crystal, please don’t shed your tears for me. I don’t deserve your tears. I promise you that I’m going to be ok.”

She buries her face into his sculpted chest. She rests her hands on his waist, sobbing. A few seconds later she pulls back to look up at him and blinks rapidly.

“Yazy, take more of my blood. I don’t mind. Please.”

Samyaza raises his black eyebrow and his violet eyes glow.

“Sweetness, are you sure? I don’t want to hurt or scare you.”

A Delicious Ride That Consumes And Enslaves . . . .
The Oh So Wickedly Fiery Sexy Worlds of P.T. Macias!

Romance of Mythical Empires By P.T. Macias

P.T. Macias (Patricia), resides in Sacramento, California with her loving husband, children, and family. She adores her four beautiful grandchildren. She was born and raised in San Jose, California. 

Patricia loves going on cruises and to concerts, white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and margaritas. She’s an avid reader and enjoys reading romance, paranormal, intrigue, suspense thrillers. 

Patricia loves the paranormal genre. She finds this genre an exciting challenge and enjoys writing about sexy vhampiers, werewolves, dragons, and other entities. Her greatest thrill in writing the paranormal genre is the limitless range of characteristics, powers, and weaknesses available to develop the characters' and entities' realms. 

A Tempest Of Love, Steamy Romance, Paranormal Intrigue, And Suspense! 

Paranormal bad boys are hot, wild, and full of suspense! These sexy men will seize your soul and your heart. 

You will LOVE these amazing paranormal hot tales that are packed with suspense, intrigue, and a delightful dose of sensual romance. 

These sexy stories will leave you breathless ……………wanting a HOT BAD BOY OF YOUR OWN! 

Hold him close, hold him tight, and never let him go! Leaves You Wanting More! 


Paranormal Romance Suspense Thriller

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Best-selling author P.T. Macias:
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Music: Star Trek The Ultimate Voyage 50 Year Celebration Review

Music: Star Trek The Ultimate Voyage 50 Year Celebration Review:

It's hard to imagine that Star Trek is celebrating 50 years! The very first episode aired on September 8, 1966 and since then, the Star Trek franchise has entertained multiple generations, and generated not only spin-off TV shows but major movie releases as well. Die hard fans, who are referred to as Trekkies, and lovers of sci-fi alike, continue to grow and support the iconic movies.

To celebrate these memorable 50 years, CineConcerts came up with a spectacular production blending classical instruments with pop culture for fans to experience the unforgettable soundtrack of Star Trek live. As a lover of great music and sci-fi, I couldn't miss this unique event.

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage blew me away. As we were introduced to the stage, beautifully set to resemble the Enterprise's bridge, we knew we were in for a treat. Above the stage, a giant 40 foot wide screen showed film and TV footage in high definition, matching the live orchestra's poignant sounds. Starting with the main title from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the musicians from the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, led by the incredible and energetic Nicholas Buc, the guest conductor, transported us to the final frontier. The multi-generational audience delighted in tracks not only from Star Trek original series and motion pictures, but also from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

After close to two and a half hours of epic music, the audience gave a resounding standing ovation to the last stop of the concert's US tour, Houston. Even though the musicians, conductor, staff, and all involved in this massive production were at the last leg of their four month tour performing at  over 75 cities, the vibe and excitement felt as if they were playing for their first audience. Absolutely brilliant. What could I say after having had the privilege of experiencing such an exciting event? I hope the show will live long and prosper for many more to be able to enjoy it as much as I did. It was definitely a voyage worth taking!

Click here to watch the preview:


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Blog Tour: Dog Days In The Fortunate Islands

Dog Days In The Fortunate Islands is an ideal read for those contemplating retirement, moving to the Canary Islands or an extended trip through Spain. The book will also appeal to any dog lovers and holidaymakers who enjoy an interesting story.
On the brink of retirement, John and his wife Sally are determined to end a life at the grindstone in grimy and wet Lancashire. Together with their beloved Jack Russell/Staffie cross, Freddie, a rescue dog from the local RSPCA, they embark on the journey of a lifetime and relocate to the island of Tenerife. 

Selling up, they make the move to the north of Tenerife, a part almost unknown to the casual tourist – their very own hidden paradise. Relaxed and surrounded by stunning coastal views, life in their new home, set amidst orange groves and banana plantations, is very different indeed! The weather is fantastic, the temperature idyllic, the people so friendly and the cost of living outrageously low… what more could they ask for? 

Adjusting to life abroad, and all of the costs that come with it, are explained in the book – from buying a new home and sorting out living taxes, to integrating into the local community and taking the dreaded Spanish driving test. Follow John and Sally as they learn a new language and take on a couple of new hobbies, while Freddie takes off on some unbelievable (but true!) exploits with his new canine friends. 

With a colourful collection of characters, travelling anecdotes that stretch from the English Midlands and all the way through mainland Spain in an old classic car, and some not so perfect moments that bring us back down to earth from time to time, this is a series of adventures that you will not want to miss.

Dog Days In The Fortunate Island Is Available in eBook & Paperback Format at Most Online Retailers. 
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I was born in 1943 at Derby Royal Infirmary, a war baby, and for the first 18 years of my life my home was in Ashby de la Zouch, an old market town in Leicestershire. I was sent away to become a boarder at Kings Mead Preparatory School, Seaford, and then Rugby School. Having been at Rugby has certainly stood me in good stead throughout my life, and I could not have asked for better.

I am still not quite sure exactly how it came about (perhaps because my maternal grandfather was a solicitor) but I suddenly found myself articled to a firm of solicitors in Ashby. It was not a happy period for anyone concerned, although I have to concede that I learned a lot during my time there, but it was clear that I was too much of a free spirit to enjoy being chained to a desk for a pittance each week. The only highlights to my miserable years as a bookworm were trips out to criminal courts or prisons. I must have been to every prison in the Midlands.

Concurrently, I was commissioned into the Territorial Army and still proudly display my certificate signed by HM The Queen.

When my parent’s marriage began to founder, I relocated to West Sussex to help out at their latest venture, a country hotel. My few weeks’ offer of help (neither of my parents having even the slightest knowledge of, or interest in, the hotel industry) turned into some 35 years, with me taking over from them, changing and extending the place considerably along the way. My restaurant in the hotel held 2 AA Rosettes for food for a number of years right up until I sold the business.

My son Marcus, my pride and joy, was born in St. Richards Hospital, Chichester. As I write this, he has turned 41, and he is an accountant. Married to Tina, they have provided me with two lovely grandchildren, Josh and Sam.

After I sold my hotel I moved up to Lancashire, where I had met and later married Sally. We
started a new business together, a commercial legal services company, something completely new for both of us. During that time we encountered a puppy, Freddie, a Jack Russell/Staffie cross, who we “rescued” from the RSPCA and fell in love with.

We sold out on a high after some 10 years, enabling us to seriously consider the move to Tenerife. With nothing to hold us back, we made the life-changing move, and have not regretted it. Did I think that retirement would be relaxation in the sunshine? Far from it! I think that I have never been so busy, and the latest of my activities is becoming restaurant reviewer for the main Canary Islands newspaper. I was flattered to have been invited to the position. Our exploits in Tenerife with Freddie form the backbone of the stories in my first book.

My second book is an entirely different proposition, a different genre, and written in a completely different style. When a cache of letters, written by my father to my mother during the years of World War 2 eventually came in to my possession, I concluded that I should share some of them with a wider audience. In between a selection of those letters is traced the story of his life over those five long war years. It fascinated me to learn of the day to day life of an enlisted man – and later officer – as the war progressed to its inevitable conclusion, though finally without him as he languished behind the wire in a POW camp in Germany after having been captured on the battlefields of Normandy. And so his story has finally been written and my second book has now made it into print.
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