Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Books: Indie Book Reviews - New Authors

Here are some reviews from Indie writers' books, which I enjoyed discovering. Different genres for different tastes, so pick one you like and give it a try, you might find your new favorite author here! And when you do, please don't forget to write a review too. All of them are available on Amazon. Thank you for supporting Indie writers! "No two persons ever read the same book." (Edmund Wilson).

The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc Book 1) - fantasy
By Martyn Stanley

Cool story that draws the reader into a quest to slaughter a dragon, while delving into the characters and their motives. The interesting thing about this book is, not only are the characters going on a quest to destroy an apparent evil force, but during their voyage, they face conflicting moral issues that plague humanity for centuries: can we condemn a creature to death? Should there be forgiveness for one's sins? Is a person evil because of their circumstances? Is there a choice? It gives the reader some food for thought. The extras at the end of the book with pictures were a plus with nice drawings, and I also loved the cover art. Would recommend it for teens and young adults who love adventures. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in the series!
The first book in the series is available free on amazon:

In The End: A Pre-Apocalypse Novel - pre/post apocalyptic
By Edward M Wolfe

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though it's not the genre I usually read. I confess I read it in 2 days, couldn't put it down, it was a fast yet addictive reading that kept me going to find out more about all the characters stranded in this pre-apocalyptic story.

Descriptions are vivid and flow well between chapters. Wolfe did a great job with the characters. I hated Carl and wanted him dead as soon as possible, while I had lots of sympathy towards Monica and Tori. They felt real, and I found myself immediately taking sides, liking some, hating others, and rooting for a happy ending. I was drawn to find out how they would all connect and come together after all, and Wolfe didn't disappoint. It makes for a great first book and I'm sure the upcoming sequels will bring more excitement and close some of the "open wounds" from this book, like Jim's background. His sarcastic, pessimistic outlook is very noticeable and at times annoying, and although he definitely has issues, he has a soft side that prompts you to empathize with him. Great job.


Bentley Square (Time after Time Book 4) - romance
By Carol Ann Kauffman

Bentley Square is a fast paced love story that draws the writer into the lives of two interesting characters, a very rich heiress and a man who is almost homeless and jobless. Their platonic encounter after spotting each other on a train for years, and never approaching each other, finally happens coincidentally, and they feel like they know each other eternally. Their love story is timeless and they have to surpass many challenges in order to stay together, including murder, kidnapping, blackmailing, etc. It's full of surprises in every chapter and not a dull moment in their quest for love. If you like a love story that is timeless, and where the hero, Mark, is every woman's dream: totally romantic, a knight in shiny armor, ready to protect and save his damsel in distress at every corner, read this cozy yet action-filled romance! A "cameo" appearance by the author in one of the chapters was quite a smart surprise! Well done!


Eclectically Carnal (Eclectic Writings Book 1)- erotic short stories anthology
By Fern Brady, Chantell Renee and others

This is a fun and erotic anthology! The short stories in this volume are witty, have an element of the supernatural or fantastic, and are topped with sexy or steamy scenes. From a time machine that transports a museum curator to a caveman's land, to a fairy who transforms her sexual harassers into her sex slaves, the stories are amusing and definitely for a mature audience. Once you start, you will probably finish in one sitting. The stories are well written, the plots are funny, and I'm looking forward to the next anthology in this series!