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Lifestyle: Tarot reading - the art of divination: Interview with a tarot reader

Games used for divination and esoteric purposes have always been an object of curiosity for many, and even today, serious professionals who study the divinatory arts of cards are searched by those who want to have guidance to act and improve their chances in love, money and career. Today, we interview Suely Zadorosny, a Brazilian professional specialized in the arts of tarot reading. Let's get to know her!

Can you tell us something about you and your background?

I have a B.A. in Languages (Portuguese and Literature) specialized in Interpersonal Psychology. I was an elementary school teacher at public schools for 2 years. Then, I became a health care government employee, where I have worked for the past 30 years and soon to retire. I'm divorced and I have two adult children. I'm also a professional tarot reader and an artist specialized in mandala painting.

So, you have an artistic and literary background! And how did you decide to become a tarot reader?

I decided to learn the art of tarot when I was very young, during a time in my life where I was going through a difficult divorce. I was in search of spiritual help, and looked into many different sources, to no avail, until I had a tarot reading consultation. At first, I was somewhat skeptical with the results, because I couldn't imagine a deck of cards would mean something that could help me. But with time, I realized it was, indeed, the spiritual help I so needed, and basically, all that was revealed to me during that reading actually happened one way or the other. I went back for more readings, and each time I became more and more impressed with this type of oracle and its many possibilities. From this moment on, I decided I would learn all about it, and dedicate myself to study and work with the tarot in the best way possible, so I could help people the same way it helped me.

This really sounds like an amazing story. Basically, what is the tarot?

The tarot is an oracle deck of 78 cards with drawings whose meaning comes from a very long time ago. There are several types of tarot decks, because each artist or magician can create their own tarot cards, focusing on one or more of the symbols, however, the meaning of the cards will always remain the same. 

What is your recommendation for those who want to have their first tarot reading?

I recommend they come to their first visit with an open mind and heart, and without prejudice,  because they will hear several pieces of advice which will speak louder to their heart than the mind, and they will need good will to understand them.

Sounds intriguing, so tell us what usually happens during a tarot reading!

Each professional has a different way of working the tarot. I start by making a prayer over the deck, and asking the Universe to help me guide the client in the best way possible, and hoping he/she will leave the reading in a lighter mood than when he/she came in. After we chat for a few minutes, I open a mandala (Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe) to see the real moment he/she is going through, and what kind of energies he/she is bringing in to the reading. Then, I ask them what they are really seeking, what are their objectives in regards to the tarot reading, and we start the reading by me asking questions concerning the issues they need an answer for. Usually, when a client talks, I can figure out exactly what he/she is looking for, but I leave them at ease so they can express themselves freely.

Mandala painting created by Suely
How long does a reading last, and how often should it be done? For example, is half an hour sufficient for a reading? How often is it recommended, once a week, once in a lifetime?

A reading usually lasts an hour, but it can go a little longer. Long readings are not recommended, because too many different subjects will be dealt with, which can stir too many emotions and energy, so the information received must be well assimilated by the client. This requires a certain amount of time. When everything is going well and the client only wants to have a general look into their lives, a reading every 6 to 12 months is enough. However, with the majority of clients, that's not the case. There are always new issues or problems to be solved or brought to the table. It's up to the client  to decide when to come back for a new reading. This can happen once a month, or every 3 months. But I have clients that come every week or every other week. It's important to note that this interval is not enough for things to change or find a solution, however, when clients are going through a crisis, no matter in what area of their lives, new information can be found and new paths can be opened in search of new solutions with every tarot reading.

How exciting! If we want to get in touch with you for a reading, what can we do?

Mandala painting created by Suely
I give personal readings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For clients who are not from here, I also give readings via Skype, Facebook chat or by phone. Anyone can contact me via email at, and through my Facebook page,, where you can schedule a reading and check out my work. You can also Skype me at suelyzadorosny.

That's easy! Distance is not a problem when we have your Facebook page and your email then! Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

I'd like to say that tarot is not a religion, and I give readings to people from all spiritual backgrounds. The real objective of a tarot reading is to guide and advise, but never to decide or determine, because the client has and must use their free will. The information received during a reading can and should be used by the client, however the choices made should never be the responsibility of the tarot reading or the tarot professional.

Sounds reasonable! Good luck and thank you so much for your time for this interview!

***Note: Suely Zadorosny offers tarot readings in Portuguese language only. Unfortunately, she can't offer them in English at this time.

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