Monday, October 13, 2014

Music: Interview with musician DJ Lion-O

Today we bring to the page DJ Lion-O, a talented artist who just released a new album, Visceral. After his 2 instrumental albums, DJ Lion-O departed from music for a bit to explore painting, design and more writing. After 5 years, DJ Lion-O is finally releasing his fourth album. It changed a lot during those years, first titled Anti-Hero 4.0 to finally be changed to something more primal, Visceral. The album was produced by Mad Ducks Records and was released  on September 22 2014.  Let's get to know more about him and his music!

Tell us where you are from and what is your background? 

I am from Houston and my background is Heinz 57 with mostly Italian sauce.

Great sense of humor! What
do you play and what instrument is your favorite? 

I play beatboxes, synths, and kaossilators. My favorite is a kaossilator hooked to the body of a bass, going through a bunch of guitar pedals.  

That sounds interesting, and exotic! What genre do you consider yourself and what is your greatest influence? 

It is hard to define myself with one genre. I would consider myself a mixture of ambient and techno. My biggest influence would have to be Pink Floyd, especially their song "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" from Pulse.

Pink Floyd is indeed a great influence. What is your source of inspiration to compose?  

This may sound corny but my source of inspiration is similar to many artists.  I think I am inspired by the emotions I feel from daily life experiences, the highs and the lows.

Yes, life and emotions can be major sources of inspiration. You have worked with bands and also worked solo,  which do you prefer? Why? 

A band is hands down the best and worst way to go. You have to deal with many personalities but when they meld together, in the pocket, that's a magical high.

I can imagine the contribution that each talent can bring to make music together. And what do you enjoy most between the interaction with your fans? 

I would say an honest opinion of my work. I want to hear the good and the bad.

You just released a new album, but are you working on anything else currently? 

I am currently collaborating with an experimental folk band in the Denver area.

That sounds exciting! Now tell us where can we find more about you and buy your music? 

released 22 September 2014

- DJ Lion-O: Beats & Programming
- Cedric Theys: Guitar, Bass & Programming
- Terrance Ballard: Congas & Bongos for my bio to get my latest release.

Thank you! Is there anything else you'd like to share with the readers?
Don't be afraid to express your inner creativity in whatever media you prefer.

That's a great advice! Thank you so much for your time interviewing with us here today and we wish you good luck and success with your new release and your upcoming projects!
Latest release: Visceral

Visceral is an emotional journey through music. It needed to be raw, untamed and unadulterated, aiming for the heart. The tunes are melodic but also include somewhat primal rhythms. After getting deep electro beats going, DJ Lion-O wanted to incorporate warm percussion to stir up the emotions. 

Visceral is the yearning that reaches deep into our souls coaxing us to close our eyes, raise our hands to the skies and beat the rhythms in a shaman-like trance. Visceral cannot be described by words alone. Visceral must be heard. Visceral is pure. Commune with it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Books: October is for fun and games! Win a signed copy of Massive Black Hole and a $10 Amazon gift card

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October is my favorite month of the year. Why? First, it's my birthday month. Then, it's autumn in the northern hemisphere - what a delightful season! - and spring in the southern hemisphere - another blessed season. The weather is all around nicer, temperatures are pleasant, and suddenly everything feels calmer and peaceful. So, why not celebrate by giving something away?

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