Thursday, August 30, 2012

Food: CupCaking Desire in Austin, TX

When you visit Austin, TX, you should not miss one lovely pink trailer parked on 10812 RR 620 N next to Magnum Trailers. The owner, Lu, a very dear friend of mine, who I consider to be the most creative and talented person I've met, is also Brazilian and is a really good cook and dessert maker. 
CupCaking Desire Mobile Bakery
Here's the cutest bakery you've ever seen!
She has opened the first mobile bakery in Texas capital, and named it CupCaking Desire. Not only does she sells the most creatively decorated and delicious cupcakes you can try in Texas, but she also offers a variety of bakery items for a wonderful and unforgettable breakfast! The presentation of the baked goods is phenomenal. With her artistic background (architecture and interior decoration), she designs and creates different and unique themes for her cupcakes and lolly-cakes, a new fad of cupcakes in a stick, that can be a welcoming treat for birthdays and parties. 
Can you believe this is edible and delicious? Yummy Lolly cakes!!!

Customer service at the mobile bakery is unparalleled, and she will go to any lengths to please the most skeptical of cake lovers. Offers include also gluten free freshly baked items, really hard to find. 

Check the website and like her page on Facebook. You can also find more information on yelp.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Restaurants: Eating Vegetarian in Rio de Janeiro

Below, find three places that make up the hip scene of the vegetarian (as well as non-vegetarian) crowd.
Deliciously fresh coconuts by the beach

1. "Balada Mix": with 8 restaurants in several areas of Rio de Janeiro, you can spot some famous Brazilian people having dinner at this cool eatery (the last time I was there on a Wednesday night, I spotted 2 soccer players and a well-known comedian having dinner), as well as fashionable people and athletes having a bite after working out. The menu offers grilled and fat free meat choices and an amazing variety of salads and fresh juices and fruits, as well as delicious desserts. One of my favorites is the fig salad, a mix of wild greens with fresh fig slices and nuts in a zesty honey flavored sauce, a very vegetarian meal, accompanied with a glass of healthy, cool and hydrating coconut milk.

2. "Delírio Tropical": this is my favorite place, with also 8 locations spread throughout town. The lines during lunch time can be long, especially at the Ipanema location. The chain has their own produce plantation and distributes it to their restaurants, ensuring the food served daily is fresh and organic in all locations. The mango salad, a mix of greens and fruits with a tangy mango sauce is amazing, and the quinoa cake with nuts and passion fruit sauce is also worth trying! If you´re really hungry, get the 3 salad plate and choose from a variety of delicious options. "Delírio" also bottles their own coconut milk and offers fresh juices and other natural alternatives.

3. "New Natural": this is another vegetarian´s delight. There is only one location in the posh neighborhood of Ipanema, but the price is very affordable and you pay by weight of your plate. Lots of different empanadas, cakes, soy food, hot and cold entrees are offered in this self-service buffet restaurant. Fresh juices and coconut milk (also served fresh on the coconut, not bottled) complete the abundant variety of delicacies found at this cool spot, where you will find an interesting crowd, including those who are stopping for a bite after a nice morning sunbathing in Ipanema beach.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book: Flower Therapy - Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

I had no idea what to expect when I received this book. I had read books talking about angels and alternative medicine and therapies before and was somewhat skeptical about the content of Flower Therapy - Welcome the Angels of Nature into Your Life.

Surprisingly, the book is amazingly light and fun to read, and it's also a beautiful volume, with high quality illustrations of 88 different flowers, highlighting their benefits and what they can do to help heal or improve a specific area of our lives.

The flowers are listed in alphabetical order, and the pictures help identify the type of plant. The correlation with the respective angel that is associated with the flower completes the description of the flower and how to utilize it for our benefit. There are also hints on how to make infusions with the flowers for different purposes and all to help clear the body, mind and spirit.

Flower Therapy: Welcome the Angels of Nature into Your Life
Cover of the book
You don't have to believe in angels to read this book. You can still find lots of interesting information about the flowers, and how to clean and energize your house and your environment, including yourself. It is an inspirational book that providers beautiful insight into the flowers and the benefits nature can provide us!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book: Wishes Fulfilled, Dr. Wayne Dyer - read!

When I found out this book was coming out, I was immediately interested in obtaining a copy. I have read several books by Dr. Dyer and every time one of his books finds a way into my life in the exact right time, as he says, in synchronicity with the situation that I'm living.

It was with no surprise that I found Wishes Fulfilled, Mastering the Art of Manifesting, another jewel of inspiration. Full of extraordinary testimonies to the power of manifestation, the book provides fascinating insight into the law of attraction, presented in an easy to read format that flows peacefully within our minds. The examples that Dr. Dyer provides about his own life and his family's life as well as the lives of other people that come in contact with him in a synchronicity of events makes it even more interesting to relate to the teachings that are discovered in the book.

It's an enriching volume of self-discovery and we need an open mind to absorb the messages presented in this book. Wishes Fulfilled is a lesson in self-discovery, self-esteem and the magic of believing in yourself and your strength to make you create your life in the best possible way. Thanks to Dr. Dyer, it's possible to see the world in a new, encouraging and positive way. I am that I am. Believe, and manifest. Believe that with God, all things are possible.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.