Sunday, June 18, 2017

Music: Interview with Rock Star Ed Richwood

I often say that one of the coolest things about this blog is having the opportunity to meet and interview so many talented artists, and I'm really excited to introduce you to Ed Richwood, a rockstar whose voice reminds me of Chris Cornell's. Read on to find out more about him and listen to his music!

Please tell us a little about your background and where you are from.
I was born and grown up in Spain. And I basically spent most of my life surviving as a musician. A few years ago I moved to Berlin, here the art scene is really interesting.

That's cool! When did you realize you had a calling for music?

I was 9, it was a Saturday morning. I was listening to the radio laying on my bed, and then I heard a guitar riff (from The Cult). That sound just made me jump out of the bed with excitement, I was sucked into a vortex of excitement. Since then, I'm still hypnotized and high on that thrilling emotion of rock music. 

Wow, that's amazing. Since you mentioned The Cult, who was your greatest influence to follow in the music career? Why?
That's a really tough question. Honestly I don't know. When you love music you feel attracted and continually fascinated about many music. Still, it would be fair to say that I'm strongly influenced by Seattle's grunge (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana...).

And your voice reminds me of Chris Cornell's... as I mentioned before. Do you also write the lyrics and compose the songs?
Yes. I just have fun doing it. I improvise the music most of the time and the lyrics are just words that feet the sounds. I don't have any ambition of writing great songs or lyrics, it's just a game. 

You're very skilled; improvising music is not that easy! When was the first time you performed live and how did you feel?
I was probably 13, and it was a really small town with my first band, which was actually pretty bad. But we had fun. Still, it made me realize that this thing of becoming a musician was harder than I thought. So it felt pretty sad. But I never could actually stop trying. We thrive in challenges.

I'm glad you feel this way. Don't give up, you're very talented. Is there a specific performance you feel was your best so far? If so, where and why?
Well, at the time with my project "Ed Richwood" I'm not performing. It is a studio project although I'll be starting touring at some point soon. 
But I really enjoyed playing with bands when I was 18-20, in small clubs. The music was terrible, but we just played each gig as if it the last one. I have some amazing memories out of that crazy nights. 

I bet you had a lot of fun doing that. What do you enjoy the most between your interaction with the fans?
Well, having someone listening carefully to my music is always an honor. So when I see that someone has been listening and saved my music on Spotify/iTunes/youtube...that feels real. It makes me very happy to see that I may be inspiring another's day. 
In the other hand, I have people who just cheer me up every time I post or share, with heartfelt comments. That's priceless!

Yes, it's priceless indeed, when you're recognized for your talent! How do you draw inspiration to write your music? 
I just surrender. The songs are there somewhere. So to me it feels a lot like fishing. I just sit there, with patience, and sooner or later the beauty appears. Instead of being an activity, it's more like being open an receptive. I don't try to write songs, it just happens. So, I actually don't write any song in some way. I wouldn't describe me as a creative person. I don't even understand what people really mean by that, because when music happens there is no personal intention of playing.

What are you working on now and what are your plans for the future? Where can we find and buy your music?
Well, I'm recording song #11 of my 7th album that will be released on July this year. Actually you can find my music on Spotify, I-tunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.  I try to share the process with my friends on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Click on the links below for music:

Besides that, if anyone wants to support my music, rather than buying it, I would prefer people to tip me when I finish a song.

Thanks for sharing your music! Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Well, first to thank you for this opportunity. I believe that people like you change the paradigm, so I wish you the best with this blog! =D

Thank you for your time; we wish you much success with your music and next projects! Keep singing because you have an amazing voice!


  1. Was it the lead riff from She Sells Sanctuary that got you excited?

    That one definitely does it for me. Like a battery charger.

    1. It was actually Fire Woman, but that one would have had the same effect! =D

    2. I like how this interview went... Unlike most I know of it is really interesting... It's good that the music and links were added also. :D :)

  2. Great interview, Ed. Nice bike. LOL.
    Hugs and enjoy your sunny day in Kreuzberg. 😘❤💋

  3. The great Ed Richwood!! Very talented and underated artist in this world. Check his music, it has something from the unknown...