Thursday, March 26, 2015

Art: Unique Project joins Photography and Writing - KSHM Project

What happens when a talented, inspiring author writes about amazing images taken by an award winning photographer? A unique project is born. The KSHM Project. 

"The KSHM Project is the result of a joint collaborative effort between an award-winning Australian photographer, Karl Strand, and an American author, Henry Martin. Aiming to combine striking visual images with thought-provoking prose, the goal for this project is to create one-of-a-kind tales that delve deep into the human consciousness, while addressing some of the struggles our contemporary society faces. Our work ranges from short vignettes and captions to complete short stories," the artists state about their project.

There are currently four free installments published on all major ebook channels, so you should take advantage of the artists' generosity, and download this beautiful collection of short stories and amazing photographs.

What readers are saying:

"Great story. I don't know what I can even say since it's so short and anything is likely to be a spoiler.  It definitely evokes feelings. Give it a try. It will only take a few minutes. See if it surprised you the way it did me."

"Henry Martin and Karl Strand have teamed up on a unique project. Martin has written several short stories  which are inspired by unique and haunting pictures taken by Strand. I love short stories. I think it's an art to be able to tell a story and elicit strong emotion in the short story format. In order to avoid spoilers, I will say  "Waiting" is the story of a man who waits to spend time with a young girl. The ending packs a punch and is totally unexpected. Martin is wonderful at writing about the dark side of the human condition. This is a story of torment and "Waiting". 

"It's not easy to review this short story associated with a picture without giving spoilers. I'd just say
the words are conducive to the picture, and the author plays with it skillfully, steering the readers into a quite surprising outcome."

This is a unique project, and a great opportunity for you to check out author Henry Martin's thought provoking prose, and enjoy the amazing images of photographer Karl Strand. Enjoy! And don't forget to write a review!

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