Friday, May 30, 2014

Music/Theater: Interview with Brazilian actor/artist/singer/producer Raul Veiga

Today we're meeting super talented, handsome Brazilian actor Raul Veiga, who is also a singer, musician, writer, artist, and entrepreneur. Among his many amazing accomplishments, he wrote, produced and performed his own one man show musical, participated in several Brazilian TV soap operas, and created his own production company! Does he even have time for anything else? Luckily, he wasn't too busy  to talk to us and we're very excited to introduce him to you.

Raul, tell us where you're from, and what's your background.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was a typical middle-class kid, my father was a policeman and my mother was a teacher. When I was 9 years old, in fourth grade, I attended the American School of Rio de Janeiro, where I had a chance to develop the foundations of my education. This had a great influence in my life.

I can see that, you speak perfect English! I had the pleasure of watching you sing and perform in "Stand Up Musical" (in English) a few years ago. You're a great performer and the show was vibrant and exciting. Do you have a musical idol? Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

I have some people that have inspired me somehow during some point in my career. When I started working with musical theatre back in 2007, I really didn't know anyone besides Andrew Lloyd Webber. It took me some time to understand what it was all about. So I got a chance to study
the work of Stephen Sondheim, to learn from the iconic voices of such actors as Colm Wilkinson, and understand that Cameron Mackintosh was the one who was making all the money.

As an artist with multiple talents, what is your favorite art form and why?

I like the art of storytelling, whether it is through acting, or through writing a story, producing a movie, a play, recording a song or a DJ mix set. It's all about imagination. Sometimes it can convey an important message, or it may simply entertain. I believe that our only escape from the existential inevitability of death, besides religion, is storytelling. Humans have been doing this since the dawn of days.

Great answer and I agree, being a writer myself. You're now making music too - deep house. That's a big move from the Sinatra and ABBAesque musical projects you've been recently involved with. What prompted you to follow this direction?

I've been a DJ since I was 15 years old. It was actually my first job. I got into house music when I lived in London, in 2002, while I was studying music production and sound technology. I like the idea of the mix set, because as I was saying, it's also a story. The songs are in a certain order as to evoke different types of feelings and moods. I'm not making music for big nightclub rooms, my sound is not commercial. I'm making music for DJ bars, and for events where you want to hear
sophisticated electronic music, but you will also be able to talk to your friends, the music is not there in your face. I create the atmosphere, you choose to dance if you want, it's not required, but
you probably will.

That's very interesting! Another side of your creativity. And what do you enjoy the most between the interaction with your fans?

I like their support. They are intelligent and sometimes very funny too.

Where can we see you next, and where can we buy your work?

Soon, our movies will be available by Video on Demand. Also, I have a Patreon page, where you can crowd fund my passion for electronic music. It only costs $1 for the basic plan, and you have access to all my exclusive mixes.

Awesome! I'm looking forward to watching the movies and checking your exclusive mixes! Talking about movies, is there a character you'd like to portray one day?

Yes, I would like to play Sweeney Todd one day, but I'm still too young (thank God).

That would be fun! For now, what are your plans for the coming year?

I'm producing two short films I wrote, in which I'll also act, and I'm also producing a major musical theatre show budgeted over $1.5 million dollars. - -

That will sure keep you busy. Great projects! Do you have any opinion about the cultural scene in Brazil, compared to the US?

I really can't say about the US, but I believe a basic difference would be that here (in Brazil), we have more governmental backing for our projects. It can be a direct fund or an indirect one, through tax benefits. Even though the private market invests, they have help from the state.

Interesting to know. Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers?
If you believe in your dreams, you will do it. It takes hard work and time, but don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

That's definitely a great advice and I'm so happy your dreams are coming true! Thank you so much for sharing with us! It's been a pleasure to host you and we wish you lots of success always.

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