Thursday, February 20, 2014

Music: Interview with Music Entrepreneur Justin Barwick from DyverseProductions

Musical February! We will follow with another interview from the music world! This time, we met Justin Barwick, aka DjRipRidah, among other akas (check his site for more bio info)! He is the vibrant executive producer and promoter of DyverseProductions, a music label based in California. Let's find out more about Justin, the label and the music it represents!

Justin, tell us about - how did you start the company? 

Dy-verse Productions is a record label I started with local talent artists and producers, whose main focus is to expand our music to wider audiences.

Excellent idea to promote locally! What's the story behind its name?

I wanted to start a record label with homegrown talent, and since I was working with a very diverse group of emcees, rappers and other artists, I wanted to name it something diverse and it ended up being Dy-verse Productions.

We'd love to know who is who in the label - please share your background!

Me and my friend used to run a promotions/street team company called Hardlife Ent. I grew a network of local talent while promoting mainstream artists, and I decided to break off and form my own label with talent from our neighborhood and we’ve done showcases, radio, TV, Internet, press and toured around northern California and the west coast expanding our names.

Justin is the label's executive producer
We understand you're trying to promote local artists from California, so who is your target audience?

Anybody interested in hearing underground music.

What genres does the label work with currently, and are there plans to expand to other genres? 

Hip-hop/rap/r&b/poetry and working with artists to combine new music.

What are your plans for the coming year? 

This year our main focus is to make new visuals and music for the people to enjoy.

Who are some of the artists you're promoting - can you share their albums? 

Dy-verse Productions promotes local talent from the California area. We are currently working on our 3rd compilation CD featuring a wide variety of emcees. One of the main artists is K-rek, who released "No Roads Can Hold Me" and is working on his second solo CD entitled "Toxic Files". Other artists included Roberto Sanchez, Nitris 211, Dre Dubb, Pill Cosby, Dynamic, and others.

Thanks, Justin, for a great interview, and good luck to the label and the artists. So before we go, tell us where can we sample and buy your music!

You can email directly at
Sites to sample and buy include:


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