Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Location: The State Capitol - Bigger in Texas!

Location: The State Capitol - Bigger in Texas!

Texas, the lone star state, the biggest state in the continental USA! The saying goes... "everything is bigger in Texas." Even the Capitol?

The beautiful dome of the State Capitol
The Texas State Capitol is second in total size only to Washington DC National Capitol; basically it is the largest state capitol in the nation. The Texas Capitol does surpass the National Capitol in height, though, rising almost 15 feet above its Washington counterpart. It is a beautiful, Renaissance Revival style of architecture building, which was completed in 1888, and is designated a National Historic Landmark. Touring the facilities is free on a daily basis - you can also choose a guided tour, which is approximately 45 minutes long, or wander through the magnificent building on your own. Children will love to climb the several floors linked by formidable stairways; the interior is like a palace, with many different rooms and corridors to be explored; galleries showing portrait paintings of all previous state governors, and lots of history to be appreciated. Colorful marble floors also grace the lobby of this amazing building.

Inside the State Capitol, hallways covered with pictures portray the history of Texas

 The State Capitol's grounds are situated in a beautiful landscaped area, where you find tourists and pedestrians strolling around, taking pictures of the many monuments and statues spread around the park, or just sitting under a tree relaxing in the shade. It's interesting to notice, that views of the Capitol's dome are protected, by state law, from being obscured; so you can see the magnificent dome from many different points throughout the city.

Another beautiful view of the State Capitol dome

Nothing like a taste of history for free; but don't forget the taste of Texan food. While in Austin, walk around the famous 6th Street; where during the day you can find a multitude of restaurants, and on nearby streets you can find food trucks selling all sorts of goodies, including delicious cupcakes. And at night, you can bar hop in one of the many entertainment venues, permanent hosts of this world famous musical street. Welcome to the capital of Texas!

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