Monday, January 7, 2013

Food: Cafe du Monde in New Orleans

Delicious beignets - only in New Orleans!

It would seem that Cafe du Monde, the 1862 original French coffee stand from New Orleans, is in no need of a new review. The historic location, on Decatur Street, is constantly bustling with new and old customers who line up in the cold December weather outside the cafe, waiting for a table to savor the delicious beignets. However, I can't resist adding a little sugar to it. Being my first time in colorful and exciting New Orleans, I just loved the warm, sweet, deliciously fresh beignets with cafe au lait for breakfast every morning during my visit.

Original location on Decatur Street opened in 1862

It's a really busy place, open 24 hours a day. The lines in the morning are amazing and even so, it doesn't take long for you to get a table and be served. The place is busy any time of the day as well... The busy waiting staff is quick to clean the tables and take your orders (they don't write anywhere, I was impressed how they just memorize it and bring the right order to your table), and voila! Pay cash only, which makes it go faster too. There is no variety on the menu, basically you are there to eat beignet. They are served in orders of three: square pieces of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. To drink, choose between cafe, chocolate, milk or fresh squeezed orange juice. That's it. Glasses of water come with every order. It's interesting to note the tradition here: this water is not to drink, but instead, to help you clean your sugared fingers after feasting on the beignets!

Cafe au lait, fresh squeezed orange juice and beignets for breakfast!

There's a store inside where you can buy souvenirs to go and that includes the dough for the delicacies and coffee. Yes, it's fattening. Yes, it's an indulgence. But it's worth trying at least once the famous New Orleans Cafe du Monde beignet with cafe au lait. Yummy!

Long lines during the weekends are worth the wait!

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