Thursday, September 11, 2014

Books: Indie book reviews - New authors

Here are some reviews of books and short stories from new authors discovered on GoodReads or Facebook. Give them a try if you're up to finding new authors and supporting Indie books!

Voyager - The Art of Pure Awareness by Robin Craig Clark (spiritual growth)

This books falls into the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, suggesting the "now" as a self awareness and giving interesting information on how to get to a state of awareness. It reads almost as a poetry book, there are several beautiful quotes from famous motivators/writers/poets etc, and the pictures illustrating the pages are just breathtaking. I read the ebook version, and believe the print version would mostly look like a coffee table book! For those who like self help books, this is a beautiful read.

The Silence Before Dawn by Henry Martin (poetry)

Martin's poetry book is a refreshing take on free verse. Although the book is divided into different sections, some of the poems could fit into more than one section. Those familiar with Martin's Mad Days of Me trilogy will indeed find some of the poems reminiscent of the main character. The selection brings enigmatic poetry, which should read aloud, to absorb and feel the eloquence of the emotions the author is trying to convey. The "Relationships" section expresses love and desire but in a subtle and not forceful way, like a shy young man not yet sure of his emotions, but full of passion and desire. For example, one of my favorites, Still Needing You, reads:
“I don’t need you anymore!”
though I still want to be
with you

"Shame" was also one of my favorites. In fact, there are several favorites in each of the sections. In the Noise After Sunrise, several of the poems talk about places where he has lived, and are artfully described, evoking images full of wonder, longing, certain nostalgia even. At times, the free style and broken thoughts reminded me of Plath's poems. Excellent poetry book, for poetry lovers. Highly recommend.

The Jewel Box by C. Michelle McCarty (romance)

The Jewel Box is a great debut novel. For lovers of romance books, this is a delight. Full of intrigue and lively characters that get tangled up in life's web of surprises, this fast paced and well written book keeps you moving through time. The characters are well developed, well described, and their interaction convincing and real. Vivid descriptions of Houston transports you to the city and its outskirts, and paints a great picture of the city's development throughout 3-4 decades. The author also throws in some real events that happened during the time line of the story to illustrate its sense of reality. Cherie's (the main character) actions and behavior will frustrate you and keep you wonder if she is really deserving of a happy ending or second or third chance, but this is a love story that will melt your heart. Thumbs up!