Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book: The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger by Donna Gates

Book: The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger by Donna Gates

I usually don't subscribe to food or nutrition books, just plainly because there are so many different diets and approaches to food out on the market, that it's hard to pick one that makes sense for one's life style. However, I became intrigued by this book title's claim to growing younger, and decided to give it a try.

Being a vegetarian, there are certain foods that I will definitely not try, otherwise I'm open to suggestions of foods which will help not only to kill the harmful effects of certain substances but also to provide a better way to clean and keep the body well and healthy. This book is a guide - therefore, expect lots of hints and helpful information about food. This is the first time I am coming into contact with Donna Gates' body ecology principles, and I believe she has found a very interesting concept to improve the quality of life and health by giving a step by step guide that shows the benefits of eating and/or avoiding certain types of food and substances. Some myths are broken, and it's perfectly OK, after all, not everyone has the same body type or can tolerate the same amount of food or liquid in their diets. One should choose to live by what makes sense to their organism.

This is a very helpful guide to be kept handy when cooking or preparing food. The chapters about cleansing and detoxification were particularly beneficial, highlighting some information that was not new, and some which debunked some myths on how to eliminate toxins from our system. Worth trying for the sake of feeling better. My only issue was some of the recommendations for the shopping list at the end of the book. These items are not so easy to find and obviously buying everything organic can certainly put a big dent on any budget. If you can find a way to reconcile what you can do with the information and still maintain a healthy diet after reading this guide, you will definitely reap great benefits for your body.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Business: NO DEALS with!

A couple of months ago, I signed up for, a Groupon type of online deals, and thought it was the best find ever. Where else could I get massages for 65% off, mani/pedi for the meager bargain of $20 or 50% off expensive all you can eat restaurants? I was really excited to start my new adventure being a savvy and smart shopper. And so the saga began.

Most of the places advertised were businesses I had never heard of, but sounded legitimate enough, especially because I would read the comments, questions and answers posted on the page about the business and the deal. I decided to buy a $150.00 voucher for Post Oak Hilton Salon that included a haircut, wash, blow dry, style and my choice of single process color or 10 foil highlights that I scored for $29.00. I called the place, which I had never heard of, but since it was located in a nice hotel in an uptown area, sounded good. Someone with a very heavy accent answered the phone with a plain "hello". I had to look back into the coupon to see the name of the establishment and ask if I had the right number for the hair salon. The person acknowledged and asked what I needed. I started to explain that I had the coupon from for a special hair coloring/cut/style session and would like to come in for it. Silence. After a few seconds (which sounded like several minutes), he said - we are booked for the next two months. Really??? I just could not believe it. That was a frustrating attempt.

Post Oak Hilton Salon

$29 for a Haircut, Wash, Blow Dry, Style and Your Choice of Full Color or Partial Highlights from Post Oak Hilton Salon ($150 Value)

Purchase up to 1 for yourself and unlimited as gifts.
$29 for a Haircut, Wash, Blow Dry, Style and Your Choice of Full Color or Partial Highlights from Post Oak Hilton Salon ($150 Value)

The voucher had no expiration date, so I attempt a few more times - and  the phone was answered like I was calling a private house all the time. No name - just a hello. So I asked, are you salon such and such? Yes. Can I schedule an appointment for next week? What do you want to have done? Color, cut and blow dry - I have a coupon from Dealfind... The next available appointment is next year. Want to schedule it?
I stashed the coupon away and forgot about it and found it again recently. Since there was no expiration date, I decided to go to the business personally and have my turn. After I was sent to 2 different attendants, a lady finally came and told me that the business had been sold to someone else and therefore was not honoring those coupons any longer. She apologized and advised me to contact who should reimburse me for it with no questions asked.

As soon as I got home I contacted and explained the situation. Although they state in their fine print they only reimburse up to 1 year after the deal was purchased, I was confident that because there was no expiration date on the coupon and the business was sold, they would honor it.
I'm not impressed with and won't try any of those again. Instead of saving money I just threw money away. They adamantly refused to reimburse my $29.00. I will never again use them and would really warn anyone to be very careful about spending money on some "too good to be true" deals.

The deals were so unbeatable and sounded so good. The idea is great though - I could really have saved a lot of money and had great deals and convenient places to shop and be serviced, but it seems the businesses are not honoring their part of the deal too well. At least, my experience was not worth the money I lost.