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Music: Interview with talented UK musician Matt Steady

We have a great interview today with Matt Steady, a talented musician from the UK. Read on to find out more about his work and upcoming release!

Matt, tell us a little about your background and where you are from.

I’m from Leicester (in England). I’ve moved around the country all my life with my Dad’s job, but when I went to university, I met my wife and settled down here and we’ve been here ever since! I had a successful career in IT for 20 years, but 18 months ago I took the plunge and went full-time as a musician.

That’s fantastic and good luck with your leap of faith! What made you fall in love with music and play?

I was brought up listening to and loving music – from classical to jazz to the Muppets! Eventually I started finding my own tastes, moving through the Beatles to Dire Straits and Pink Floyd. Every few years I’d discover a new genre and devour it! Blues, metal, folk, prog … I haven’t collected everything yet but give me some time and I’ll get there!

There’s so much to listen to! Who was your greatest influence to follow in the music career?

So many to choose from! I think the biggest inspiration that actually made me get off the sofa and start playing in front of people was Damien Rice.

Do you also write the lyrics and compose the songs?

Yes. I occasionally do covers, but I much prefer to write my own. They mean more to me and I can perform them better as a result.

Indeed, I’m sure it’s much more rewarding playing your own music. When was the first time you performed live and how did you feel?

The first time I sang in front of a large group of people was when I was very small singing “If I was a
butterfly” as a solo in church. Haha! I can remember it now. There’s one line that says “If I was a fuzzy-wuzzy bear, I’d thank the Lord for my fuzzy-wuzzy hair” or something similar, and one of the band members, who was very bald, started rubbing his head. Everyone was laughing and it put me off a bit!

I sung and played in choirs and orchestras for years, but the first time I played solo as an acoustic artist in front of people was in my 30s at a barbeque. I did a mix of covers from Martyn Joseph to Eric Clapton. I muffed up a guitar solo and was mortified!

That sounds like fun, though! And now you can laugh at it. Is there a specific performance you feel was your best so far? If so, where and why?

I think my best performance so far may have been at the Fuse Theatre in Manchester. The evening had a whole load of wonderful artists all brought together by a guy called John Reed to celebrate music together. I did my own set which went extremely well, but the funny thing was I somehow ended up playing fiddle with pretty much all the other artists and bands. Brilliant fun – exhausting but brilliant!

Must have been a great performance! What do you enjoy the most about your interaction with the fans?

I love showing people that I’m as normal (or completely non-normal!) as they are. I’m just a person, and I love to encourage other people to get singing in front of other people, or paint, or read, or work at their job, or enjoy their holidays or whatever it is that they do. You meet some wonderful people when you’re in the music business, and I’d say that most of the people I talk to end up as friends rather than faceless fans.

What a wonderful thing to meet fans like that. How do you draw inspiration to write your music? 

There’s inspiration everywhere! I was in the car this morning and heard the start of a program on the radio talking about the “Highland Clearances” in Scotland in the 18th and 19th centuries and immediately my brain started whirling! I don’t write a lot of love songs – I prefer to be inspired by scenery and history and people and events. There are a million and one love songs, but there’s not many about the Magna Carta being signed at Runnymede, or the moon landings. So I prefer to be a bit different and cover tackle I haven’t covered before. Whatever I write about, I try and link that back to everyday life and things in our own lives. It has to be relatable.

How unique! What are you working on now and what are your plans for the future? Where can we find and buy your music?

I’ve got a new album coming out in a couple of weeks called “Echoes of Albion”, which I’m so if you’d like to listen to and/or buy the music. Everything is available in the normal places like iTunes etc., but I much prefer it when people buy direct my site – there’s more of a connection and it doesn’t end up feeding half the money to the massive corporations.
excited about. I’ve spent 7 months crafting it – it’s an earthy mix of Celtic Blues, which is a sound you won’t hear very often. It celebrates the landscapes, people and legends of Britain from ancient times to today. Pre-orders are open still for a very short time. It’s best to head to

Congratulations on your new album. Sounds great! Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Support independent and local music – musicians and venues! Without the grass roots, we’ll have nothing left. Don’t be content with listening to what commercial radio force-feeds you. There’s some amazing, wonderful, almost unheard-of music out there that will suit you much better. All you’ve got to do is take the time to find it!

Thanks for your time and we wish you much success with your career!

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