Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book reviews: New Indie Authors to discover in short stories

Just finished reading a few short story anthologies from Indie authors which are worth mentioning. If you're looking for a new, fresh voice, choose one of these intriguing and witty books by one of the following authors. Be adventurous and pick a new book by an Indie author!

Short Stories:

Southern Gentleman, by Tony Burnett

Description: Set securely in the Southern psyche, the 13 stories blossom into quirky portraits of the male ego. These genre – bending tales find the sweet spot between literature and storytelling. A self-proclaimed foodie convinces himself he has women figured out, until he doesn't. Can a freshly orphaned teenager avoid becoming a ward of the state? A homeless veteran struggles for survival in his home country. Two folk artists use chainsaws to dual for the affections of a young runaway girl.
As an award winning poet, songwriter and finalist for the MIGHTY RIVER STORY AWARD, Burnett writes with a Southern populist voice.

Review: 5 stars: Well written and richly descriptive, each one of these short stories leaves you ready to dive into another to find out more about the interesting characters and plots that make this a witty, funny and enjoyable collection. From an illegal immigrant smuggling gone awry to an orphaned teen inheriting a fortune, this collection offers a variety of situations that are entertaining and fun to ready. Short stories lovers will delight in this master storyteller's book.

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A Stocking Stuffer (KSHM Project book 5), by Henry Martin and photography by award winning photographer Karl Strand

Description: This is our first-ever horror/crime issue, and it features five short stories. Karl took it
upon himself to work the magic with the camera for this issue, hiring models and setting up scenes. He created spectacularly disturbing images that speak to his artistic abilities. This particular issue deals with the uncomfortable, dark side of humanity. Prepare yourself to be disturbed.

Review: 5 stars: Excellent collection of short stories by Martin. The content is graphic, violent and not for the faint of heart. Very well written and I can place it in the same category as some of the best literary fiction short stories I've read, comparable to the likes of Joyce Carol Oates. The photography by award winner photographer Karl Strand complements the pieces almost as if they were taken after the stories were written. What can I say? Martin gets better and better every time I read his work. Highly recommended. 

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