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Poetry Review: Holes in Space - A Poetry Collection

April is National Poetry Month. Let's celebrate Poetry Month by reading some inspiring poems! It may even motivate you to write a few!

Holes in Space is a collection of poems. Love, passion, lust, heartbreak, desolation, loneliness, celebration: these are some of the themes captured in this poetry collection; reflections of time, tiny holes in an endless open space, intriguing possibilities, where anything can be accomplished with the power of words.The book features beautiful photography to illustrate the poems. It is featured on Houston Writers Guild's April newsletter as a new release ( 

Here are some reviews readers are posting about the collection (reviews originally posted on

"This was my first book by Andrea Barbosa and found it to be well written and very inspirational too. This book is written with passion and romance. I have lots of favorites. Here's one quote from the book:

When Icarus desired to fly
he never dreamt of a Saturn V.
Majestic, it now extends, dead,
In Rocket Park, put to rest.

Reading Andrea Barbosa's poetry book felt at times like entering an enchanted garden. She makes us see the beauty of it all! I was impressed with the word choices and her deep reflections. I really enjoyed "the City Collection". I really wish there could have been more poems about different cities. Maybe in her next poetry book! Highly recommended." - by D.W.

"Andrea Barbosa is clearly a gifted poet and storyteller. The poems are listed as a series of collections, covering a wide range of topics: love, loss, lust, fear, the city and others. While some sections were short containing only one or two poems, each well-crafted individual poem left me wanting to continue on to the next. The Emotional Collection is especially poignant in that these pieces express those private and personal thoughts that are rarely conveyed in words." - by Amy Freeman

"I just love Andrea's style. Really easy to read and get into the mood of the writing. Simple eloquence describes it best." - by Cindy.

"A well written book and poems to really enjoy. If you like poetry then you will love this book. Its such an easy read and will take you away from your worries and make you feel good about yourself. A real joy!" - by Juber.

"What a wonderful collection of poems about various subjects, feelings and happenings.
Well written, very atmospheric, a joy to read and ponder about.
A must have for every collector of contemporary poetry." - by Timon.

"Holes in Space" is wonderfully written. The author seemed to take her time writing each and every word to form the sentences to form the stanzas. I was thoroughly impressed by the varied topics that she discussed As a lover of Poetry, i greatly appreciate and recommend this book. - by Marc.

"I enjoyed this book very much, my favorite poem being "Shattered Glass," which was simply beautiful! Touching on subjects such as love, loss and her tributes to others, Ms. Barbosa is a true poet with the gift of weaving words that touch the human spirit!" - by Kim.

"The authors thoughts and feelings are well expressed thru her poetry. I very much enjoyed her poem Seduction from the emotional collection." - by Walter Daymon.

"By its nature, poetry is often very intimate. The author has grouped her poetry into classifications in this gem of a small volume of 48 pages. The first grouping contains poetry of a personal nature, sensual and feminine. Another section reveals the genuine affection the author has to her cities of the heart, Rio de Janeiro and Houston. A third pays tribute to two public figures. The last is a collection of reflections on "the dark." The poetry of this latter section tells stories that, with each re-reading, one can discover new layers. Interspersed among the poems are beautiful photographs that I wish I could see enlarged. I bought the e-book version. It looks fine, but I suspect that this collection rests best in paper on a desk where the reader can retrieve it from time to time to escape the distractions of a frenetic world. I like the book's title very much. It goes well with Andrea Barbosa's novel, Massive Black Hole." - by Daniel Wetta.

"Beautiful cover, beautiful photos, beautiful and thoughtful poems! I loved the romantic ones - deep thoughts... my favorite? Hard to tell but I loved Devotion, especially the last verse!

My pulse beats
at the thoughts of your body,
getting warm, getting closer...
and the images vanish
like soft clouds up high,
transforming the colors of my rainbow
into the dark loneliness of my night. " - by Claire Lambert.

The collection is written by Andrea Barbosa and features beautiful photography by Antonio Rezzonico, Cid Bonifacio, Pitti Andrade and Joao Paulo.

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