Monday, January 14, 2013

Book: "Is Your Life Mapped Out?" by David Hamilton

Book: "Is Your Life Mapped Out?" by David Hamilton

Unravelling the mystery of destiny vs. free will. It's the subtitle of this very interesting book. This book presents an interesting point of view, based on scientific research done throughout many years in different subjects, and combining it with personal and human experience and feedback from the author. The result is a fascinating, impressive and subtle journey into another side of the law of attraction.

It is very enlightening to read some of the research described in these pages, as well as to realize we have certainly come to experience some of the very same emotions and situations that are inherently human. The clarity with which Dr. Hamilton presents his findings and conclusions brings on the perception that we have already seen it before... not necessary a "dejavu" feeling, but more of a common sense approach. After each chapter, the "key points" section summarize most of the ideas presented in the previous chapter and the "life experiments" section provides suggestions which are very interesting to try. I've tried a couple of them during my journey reading the book and they actually work well. One suggestion I have when you read this book is to keep a highlighter next to you and underline the most interesting aspects of the book, those parts that talk to you the most. And then, go back to those areas periodically and concentrate on them to improve and develop your skills and perceptions.

One of my favorite parts makes assumptions about our supposed soul mate idea. I particularly like the thought presented in the book, and it made me recall a book by Paulo Coelho, Brida, which also talks about the other "half", if it can be so described, of someone's soul searching for the perfect companion.

You should keep a very open mind while reading some of the chapters in this book. Ideas of past and present and future described can oftentimes become confusing and intertwined in an array of kaleidoscopic wavelengths which are hard to swallow. It may not seem feasible, possible and even comprehensible, but there's an appeal to the ideas and the overall message is one that will definitely make sense.

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.

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