Monday, October 15, 2012

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If you have a Facebook account, have you ever noticed a posting on your wall by one of your friends, stating they're passionate about a particular cause and would like you to join in their efforts? You may have disregarded it or you might have been curious enough to open the link and click on it. I hope you did, and you should. is a website created to help people like us make a difference in the world. Be it by creating a cause or participating in the awareness of a particular cause, there's always something to be done. Participation is free. You can create you own cause or a pledge, or join in any of the thousands of causes from helping feed the hunger to petitions for governments to stop cruelty or abuse to animals. There is no limit to the amount of good that can be done by building awareness and making a positive impact.

The easiest way to join Causes is through Facebook. Visit their website where you will read about real life stories of passionate people who created a cause and achieved their objective and a myriad of suggestions on how you can help. Pick a cause that talks to your heart. Choose something you're passionate about. Is it starving children? Environmental issues? Gay rights? Abused animals? Disaster relief? Education? Pediatric cancer? By just watching a short video, Dell will donate $1.00 to Pediatric Cancer Research, for example. Simple enough and powerful enough to raise a whopping $42,965 - the goal is $50,000 and I'm sure it will be met soon! 153 million people in 142 countries are part of, and 1 billion actions have been taken as a result! That's power!

It's amazing how a seemingly insignificant act can make a HUGE difference! I hope you join one of the causes. Doing good has never felt so good!

(Just on a side note, I created my own pledge on causes to bring awareness about hunger. I believe  if each one of us does our part in helping feed a starving person a day, we can make this a better world! There's abundance, we just have to share! Hope you can join it - thanks!)

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