Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Business: Microsoft Store offers excellent customer service!

Usually, I don't buy video games or other merchandise in stores such as Microsoft or Apple, instead I tend to go to Best Buy, Game Stop or another one where you usually get points for carrying a loyalty card. However, browsing one day at the Microsoft Store in the Galleria Houston, I was pleasantly surprised.

We were looking at some upcoming video games and were going to pre-order at Best Buy because they were offering a good deal. However at Microsoft Store, the very nice and friendly associate who approached us, started to chat about video games in general and mentioned their pre-order deal: $10.00 to pre-order the game, and upon picking it up, 1600 Microsoft points (which is a $20.00 value) and another $10.00 discount valid for the purchase or to pre-order another game. She also offered 2 free coupons worth $25.00 each for us just to try the Bing/Google test, and then exchanged the $50.00 free coupon for a 1 year X-Box live membership (a $60.00 value which I paid only $10.00 for!). The fine prints? None. Pure marketing and a way to win a customer. Deal.

When I picked up the game 2 weeks later, I got the promised perks: 1600 points and $10.00 off. However, while playing the game, the disc got damaged!!! I returned to the store the next day to explain I had just purchased the game the day before and could not play it due to a malfunction. It was in fact the easiest even exchange ever. The associate simply accepted the defective merchandise back, no questions asked, didn't even open the package to make sure all was inside, and just handed me the new game. Way to keep a customer!

We just returned to the store yesterday to pick up the newest game we pre-ordered and again got all the perks: another 1600 points worth $20.00 and another $10.00 off. Very good deal, and all the associates very helpful, friendly and chatty! Great way to treat customers, Microsoft. I'm game!

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