Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Business: Don McGill Toyota in Houston: unacceptable customer service!

If you have a Toyota and need to service it, or if you're thinking of buying a Toyota, skip Don McGill on Katy Freeway and head to Mike Calvert on 610. You will be happy even if you have to drive a few more miles for a much better customer service experience. Or choose another Toyota dealer, but by all means, don't stop at Don McGill.

My first sour experience with this dealer was a few years ago when I stopped by to shop for a new car. I was by myself, just browsing around and looking for a comfortable place to make a car purchase, where there would be no demanding sales people and no pushing. No one approached me as I strolled down the aisles looking for cars. After 20 minutes I asked for help. The man didn't seem too eager to sell, or maybe he thought I was not a potential buyer. I asked some questions about the car I was interested in, feeling he was not particularly helpful. Then he asked me if I was a single mother because I was talking about driving around with a child! My personal life is none of their business and this type of question is totally inappropriate coming from a man I've never seen before! Is this a way to try to sell a car?

Then I went to Mike Calvert Toyota where I had a much more pleasant experience, and where I ended up purchasing my Toyota. A few years later, and they still send me birthday cards with fee oil changes as a gift! Way to treat a customer.


Last week, though, a light came out on the car panel, and since I was closer to Katy Freeway, I decided to stop by Don McGill and see if they could help out identifying what was wrong with the vehicle. I parked the car and no one came to welcome me or ask what I needed. So, I went inside where there were about two service associates helping other customers. I stayed there waiting to be assisted. No one acknowledged my presence, a simple "good morning, someone will be with you shortly" would have been nice. They looked at me and continued with their business as if I was a hindrance. Then 2 more customers arrived and stayed around looking for help. After about 15 minutes, one of the associates who was helping another customer finally looked up at the 3 waiting customers and said someone would be with us shortly. Another 5 minutes until I was told to go to a man who was talking on the phone. He kept me waiting for a few minutes, finishing his call, then told me to hold and left, coming back a few minutes later to finally ask me what was the problem. I started to tell him that since that morning, a light had lit up in my panel and I wanted to see what was wrong. Without asking anything else or trying to explain what might be the problem, he just said: "you need to leave the car here until the afternoon". Really??? I told him, how long? He said, a couple of hours, until about 4 or 5 pm (it was 10 am), he said they were busy and wouldn't be able to take a look at the car until the afternoon. No further explanations. No nice solutions (would he offer me a ride home? would I have to wait there until they were able to get to the car?). I left, visibly frustrated.


And then I headed to the nearest Auto Zone. A very nice and friendly associate immediately scanned my car and gave me, in 5 minutes, the diagnostic for the yellow light in my panel, and didn't charge a penny!!!! And it was not a serious issue, but something I could fix myself.

Don McGill Toyota doesn't value customers. They won't ever get my business, ever again!

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