Thursday, August 30, 2012

Food: CupCaking Desire in Austin, TX

When you visit Austin, TX, you should not miss one lovely pink trailer parked on 10812 RR 620 N next to Magnum Trailers. The owner, Lu, a very dear friend of mine, who I consider to be the most creative and talented person I've met, is also Brazilian and is a really good cook and dessert maker. 
CupCaking Desire Mobile Bakery
Here's the cutest bakery you've ever seen!
She has opened the first mobile bakery in Texas capital, and named it CupCaking Desire. Not only does she sells the most creatively decorated and delicious cupcakes you can try in Texas, but she also offers a variety of bakery items for a wonderful and unforgettable breakfast! The presentation of the baked goods is phenomenal. With her artistic background (architecture and interior decoration), she designs and creates different and unique themes for her cupcakes and lolly-cakes, a new fad of cupcakes in a stick, that can be a welcoming treat for birthdays and parties. 
Can you believe this is edible and delicious? Yummy Lolly cakes!!!

Customer service at the mobile bakery is unparalleled, and she will go to any lengths to please the most skeptical of cake lovers. Offers include also gluten free freshly baked items, really hard to find. 

Check the website and like her page on Facebook. You can also find more information on yelp.

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  1. This is the best cupcake ive ever tasted ! amazing. I drive 30 min to get this cupcake !